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Integra Environmental is locally-owned in Allentown, PA by Tony Domingues and Christopher Arranz. Tony is the certified mitigation individual and quality assurance manager. Our foreman, Mark Dilts is also a certified mitigation individual. Tony and Mark oversee all of our system designs and ensure our installers

David Roque, Angel Colon, and Antonio Ayala Mora are following the PA DEP Radon Mitigation Standards and meeting our expectations. Chris manages our inventory and vendor relationships and occasionally jumps in on a system installation when we need all hands on deck.

Tony has owned and operated our sister company, Integra Home Inspections since 2007 and started mitigating radon in 2008. In January 2018, Integra Environmental was formed and purchased the residential radon mitigation business from Bill Brodhead of WPB Enterprises. Bill is now retired but remains a consultant for large commercial building radon and VOC mitigation.

The office staff consists of Carmen Roque and Charlotte Kulp who manage the day-to-day phones, billing, scheduling, and recordkeeping.

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