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Radon Mitigation
Commercial & Residential

Integra Environmental is committed to keeping the air we breathe clean. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust our team to minimize the environmental radioactivity caused by radon gas.

We design and install radon mitigation systems for residential & commercial buildings.

Radon Fan Replacement

Do you have a dead or noisy fan? We can replace it and include a 5yr parts & labor warranty on the new fan.

Radon Diagnostic Services

Do you have a system that isn’t getting radon levels low enough? We can provide diagnostic services using specialized radon sniffing tools to locate sources. With that data and our extensive experience, we can determine the next steps to take.

Radon System Service

Is your system damaged, need a replacement gauge, or does it no longer meet the current code? We can fix it!

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Do you have a house or building where the soil has been contaminated resulting in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) gassing off into the structure? We can perform pressure field extension testing (PFE) to ensure a system design which puts the entire sub-slab area of the structure under vacuum while keeping the operating costs to only what is necessary to achieve that goal.

Radon in Water Mitigation

We utilize the Airwell™ system to solve the problem of radon in well water BEFORE the water enters your home. This system uses a low voltage compressor to inject air into your well water. This induces a hydrodynamic pressure causing water to rise from the bottom of the well up through the “active sleeve” where it is aerated.

The AIRaider™ 433-S50X is effective in reducing VOCs, Ammonia, Chorine, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Methane, Iron & Manganese.

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Airwell™ System

Airwell FAQs
Airwell Technology
Airwell Aeration Infographic

AIRaider™ 433-S50X

The AIRaider™ 433-S Series combines the original AIRaider 433 models’ nearly 20 years of proven effectiveness and dependability and adds the benefits of a built-in submersible 1/2 hp pump, controlled by standard Square D pressure switch (40-60 psi range), adjustable aeration timer. Learn more here.


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