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Radon Mitigation Services

Integra Environmental is committed to keeping the air we breathe clean. With over 35 years of radon mitigation services experience, you can trust our team to minimize the environmental radioactivity caused by radon gas.

Not only do we offer Radon mitigation services, we also design and install radon mitigation systems for residential & commercial buildings. Read more about our radon mitigation services below.

Airwell™ System

Will pushing air down my well airlock my well pump?

No, while the Airwell pipe goes to the bottom of the well it only pushes air down 30’ below the static level which is well above the pump depth.

Will the Airwell get clogged with debris from the bottom of the well?

No, the intake pipe is kept 5’ off the bottom of the well and the water intake slots are on the side of the pipe.

Why do you need to get the water from the bottom of the well?

The Radon levels are usually the highest in the water at the bottom of the well. Using a hydro dynamic pressure we pull the water from the bottom of the well up the pipe and aerate it at 30’ below the static level.

Does Airwell only help reduce the Radon levels? Are there any other benefits?

Airwell will also reduce sulphur and methane levels and can reduce certain types of iron levels.

Can you take power for Airwell from the power to my well pump?

No, Airwell is a low voltage system that requires a 240V outlet. It comes with an outdoor rated transformer that can be plugged into an outside outlet from the house. A low voltage outdoor rated wire is run from the well head to the house. This can be shovel buried as it is only carrying 24V. The power for your pump is 240V and is only energized when the pump runs.

How much energy does Airwell use?

Airwell runs 24/7 and consumes roughly the energy a 60W incandescent light bulb would consume.

Are there any specific standards that my well must meet to be suitable for an Airwell installation?

Yes, you need a minimum of 24” of casing above grade so that the driver box has room to breathe. If you do not have this the casing can be extended. You also need a flow rate of 2.5gpm or greater. Your casing will need to be 6” diameter.

What maintenance is required for Airwell?

Airwell is virtually maintenance free. There are two air filters that will need to be removed and cleaned with water annually. There is a third filter that needs to be changed annually. This can be bought at any automotive supply store for roughly $5.00. The homeowner can do this easily themselves.

Is the Airwell noisy?

The Airwell makes 55 decibels of noise, five feet from the well head. This is roughly the noise a quality dishwasher makes.

What if I find my Airwell too loud?

For an additional cost, we offer a noise reduction kit which will reduce the noise by 50%.

Will my Airwell freeze or become buried in snow during the winter months in colder climates?

No, the Airwell runs 24/7 it creates heat and will melt a tree well around the well head in winter months and will not freeze.

What is the lifespan of my Airwell system?

We have many instals that have been running for 8 years and the low-voltage, brushless, oilless compressors are still running.

Radon Mitigation Services

Do you have a system that isn’t getting radon levels low enough? We can provide radon mitiagtion services and diagnostics using specialized radon sniffing tools to locate sources. With that data and our extensive experience, we can determine the next steps to take.

Radon Fan Replacement

Do you have a dead or noisy fan? We can replace it and include a 5yr parts & labor warranty on the new fan.

Radon System Service

Is your radon system damaged, need a replacement gauge, or does it no longer meet the current code? We can fix it!

Radon in Water Mitigation

We utilize the Airwell™ system to solve the problem of radon in well water BEFORE the water enters your home. This system uses a low voltage compressor to inject air into your well water. This induces a hydrodynamic pressure causing water to rise from the bottom of the well up through the “active sleeve” where it is aerated.

The AIRaider™ 433-S50X is effective in reducing VOCs, Ammonia, Chorine, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Methane, Iron & Manganese.

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Do you have a house or building where the soil has been contaminated resulting in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) gassing off into the structure? We can perform pressure field extension testing (PFE) to ensure a system design which puts the entire sub-slab area of the structure under vacuum while keeping the operating costs to only what is necessary to achieve that goal.

AIRaider™ 433-S50X

The AIRaider™ 433-S Series combines the original AIRaider 433 models’ nearly 20 years of proven effectiveness and dependability and adds the benefits of a built-in submersible 1/2 hp pump, controlled by standard Square D pressure switch (40-60 psi range), adjustable aeration timer. Learn more here.